Savini Family

From 1920 to today, a family that works in harmony respecting nature and people.

A story of courage, of character, which has made the Savini Tartufi brand an important reference for quality in the world of truffles.

The values, history and expertise acquired over the years give Savini the ability to create a complex range of very high quality products.

The history of the Savini family

The 1920s

Zelindo entered the then Villa Saletta estate, near Palaia, as a worker at a young age. Soon, with his decisive and confident character, he became a point of reference for the Masters and for the Factor himself.

This earned him the appointment of Hunting Guard and, in addition to keeping the estate's reserves under control, he was responsible for taking the guests of the Gambacastelli family around the woods, hunting. In the dinners and lunches prepared for the guests there was never a shortage of game, oil and wine from the company but not even another fruit of the earth: the Truffle! 

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The beginning of the story

Little known but not to the Lords of the Northern regions, Lombardy and Piedmont in particular, who, tasting and seeing in what abundance the White Truffle was present, found in Zelindo a valid point of reference. Thus they began to buy from him the truffles that he collected during the week from the other truffle hunters. It would have seemed like a simple pleasure but in reality that was nothing more than the beginning of our story...

The turning point came when Zelindo, with the first profit, obtained after a long period of buying and selling Truffles, decided to allow himself a gift; he replaced his old Vespa with a BSA 1000, a highly sought after and coveted motorbike at the time!

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  • Zelindo's motorbike

    But the much sweaty and aspirated motorcycle with which Zelindo wandered around the Villa Saletta estate did not go down well with the Owner who summoned him to his office and ordered him to immediately get rid of the vehicle which not even he could "afford". And so, almost like a "truffle dog", he sensed the turning point and decided not only not to sell the motorbike but also to abandon his job and start life as a full-time truffle hunter!

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  • The Montanelli bar

    He bought a grocery store with an adjoining bar in Montanelli, a small village in the municipality of Palaia, near Forcoli, a point of reference for hunters and truffle hunters. It was a pleasant meeting place for breakfasts at dawn and morning snacks. In this way Zelindo entered even more into the world of the Truffle Hunters, living there in close contact morning and evening; to be able to retreat to the back of the shop at the right time to buy and sell truffles, away from prying and curious eyes. The middle son, Luciano (then a young pastry chef and great cooking enthusiast), naturally with the passion for truffles already firmly rooted in his DNA, almost as a sign of recognition for the Savinis, together with his wife Carla, took care of the bar.

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  • His son Luciano

    Furthermore, Luciano followed and helped Zelindo in visits to the Truffle hunters, in trips for halfway negotiations with the various traders coming from Piedmont and Milan. Soon, Luciano became the most important reference for local restaurants and delicatessens.

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The values of Savini Tartufi

Today Savini is a modern company, an excellence of Made in Italy that looks to the future, strong in its ancient values.

The nature

Only where nature is intact do truffles grow. Tuscany is fortunate to preserve green areas that are still uncontaminated today, where we can enjoy magical places rich in truffles all year round.

The family

Savini is a family of truffle hunters for 4 generations. A family that works with love, dedication and attention to detail. A family that has been able to pass down its secrets from father to son. Today, all those who work in Forcoli, even if they bear another surname, are a bit Savini.

The tradition

Since 1920... Tradition in the search for truffles, in the choice of the best fruits of the forest to be given to important chefs. The tradition of people who have always known recipes and secrets for best preserving truffles and offering them to enthusiasts for the most important occasions.


Respect for nature, for the forest, for the people who have always worked at Savini. Respect for suppliers, customers, all those who revolve around the world of this artisan company in the middle of the Tuscan countryside.

The forest

Different types of lush plants contribute to the formation of the diamond of the forest: the truffle. Ancient oaks, poplars, hazels are just some of the plants we can find in our tall, leafy woods.