How fresh truffles are born

The truffle is an underground mushroom that grows in the forest, only if uncontaminated. The truffle is in fact an indicator of the healthiness of the soil, since it is for this reason, together with the climate and the type of plant, that the birth of the truffle is allowed.

Truffle harvesting takes place all year round and consists of research carried out today by the quarryman, equipped with a spade, and his faithful dog with an infallible sense of smell.

The spade can be of various sizes depending on the type of truffle: smaller and shorter for summer truffles, longer for white truffles. The latter in fact grows at a greater depth than in summer.

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Luciano Savini

Savini Tartufi employs more than 350 quarrymen who bring the fruit of their labor to Luciano Savini every day. It is he who chooses the best truffles, to be used for the sale of fresh truffles to medium and high level restaurants, as well as to great enthusiasts.

The truffle hunters who collaborate with Savini Tartufi come from all over Italy and allow us to always have fresh products.

Luciano is a great expert and this has allowed Savini Tartufi to become a reference brand for quality truffles on a global level. From Forcoli, the company's headquarters, truffles are shipped not only to Europe but also to the United States, Asia and South America. Shipments are now so fast that the truffles arrive perfectly intact and well preserved for optimal consumption.

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The types of truffles

There are different types of truffles that alternate during the seasons based on the altitude, the type of plants present in the forest, the seasonality and the humidity present in the soil. All truffles have an external part called peridium and an internal part called gleba. Let's look at the characteristics of each one together:

White Truffle

Bianchetto Truffle (or Marzuolo)

Summer Truffle - Scorzone

Hooked Truffle "Chatin"

Precious Black Truffle

Winter Truffle

Smooth Black Truffle

How to use fresh truffles in cooking

Depending on the type that is extracted, the truffle has a different use in the kitchen:

  • Black Truffle: generally must be added at the end of cooking, heated. It is usually grated, but to decorate the dish it is also sliced into strips
  • White Truffle: strictly used raw, sliced into strips.

The distinctive characteristic of the truffle is its aroma, best enhanced by the heat of the dish.
The truffle musts are: tagliolini, risotto and egg. Followed by tartare, steak and hamburger. This doesn't mean you can't dare. Truffles can be used to prepare from appetizers to desserts. Even on white fish it is a delight.